Technology of choice

Back in early 2014 I was posed with a problem, what technologies should I lean on for creating games on mobile platforms?

After some searching I decided to go with the open source community driven LibGDX framework to take care of most things graphical/sound/input/IO for me. The really great thing with this framework is that I can compile my code into both a desktop and an android version (iOS, BlackBerry and HTML5 is also supported).

Basically I do much of my game testing and debugging directly on my desktop, while doing later tests on Android. I believe this to be a much faster way of prototyping than doing it directly on target.

I also needed something to help me out with online functionality, like leaderboards and user management. The choice there came to Shephertz, which is a very good framework for this purpose. This framework can also be used on multiple 

Armed with these two frameworks I could start doing some simple development, which in time grew to my first game Space Miner.

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