Space Miner with round planets?

Well, I’ve finally started work on a larger Space Miner update, I have been putting this off for a little while.

Right now when entering the landing phase, what you are presented with is a flat map which repeats if the ship goes too far right or left. What I really want to add are circular maps which would be much more like real planets. You would be able to enter the landing phase with a movement perpendicular to the planet center, and basically be in a circular orbit.

By doing the landing phase like this, it is possible to enter a planet with a high perpendicular velocity and thereby have much more time to make a good landing and even to locate a good landing place. It will also become possible to zoom out to get a better overview of how high the ship is.

I will do some testing with the different sized tilemaps and see if very large maps can be run on Android phones. Ideally I would like to be able to have a large planet with a diameter of thousands of tiles minimum. I really want to have relative sizes between the planets, this would mean that the smallest planets are much, much smaller than the largest ones.

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