How I balance work and family

Hello hi,

Well, I thought I would keep it personal for once and talk a bit about my life and how I balance work with family.

I have a normal 8 – 16 job where designing software is one of my work areas. In evenings I like to code on personal projects, like my mobile games. In my private life I have a wife and two young children. How can I prioritize all of this so that everyone are happy?

I guess the short answer is that I can’t. Spending time with personal projects at home will affect the amount of time I spend on my children. However, by keeping a strict schedule for myself I am able to maximize the amount of time I have at my disposal. I divide the week into segments which I try to follow, everything needs to be pre-defined routine.

On weekdays I wake up at around 7:15, I wake the children and take them to school and kindergarden. At 8:30 I start work, and at 17:00 I quit for the day. On a weekday evening I will do some personal programming and spend an hour or so with the children. I usually also get them to bed at night. I go to bed at around 23:30. Over the weekends I do not do any programming, but spend time with my family and go with them on small excursions.

Rinse, repeat. Not an awful lot of hours for personal projects every week, but if I do this routine week in and week out I will eventually create something worthwhile.

Well, that is my routine. Thank you for reading!


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